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We don't build every eventuality into our low printing prices - we think it's best you choose what you need...


The latest software has really clever wizards which let you knock up a design in no time. But design isn't about knowing which buttons to press. It's about creating the mood, delivering the message and making the sale. Forgive us for sounding rude, but, if you want to look professional, leave it to the professionals. Good design sells. Fact. Bad design - or even just average design - may do more damage to your business than you might care to think. Trust us. We'd recommend you invest at least a third of your budget in sorting out some decent artwork. After all, it's not about how many items you distribute, it's about how many responses you get. Our design fees are probably a lot lower than you think.

Value artwork iconValue Artwork Package

1/2 hour of Artwork + free 1st colour proof for £32.50. Double sided £45

Promotional artwork icon

Promotional Artwork Package

2 hours of Artwork + free 1st colour proof for £130. Double sided £162.50

xtra value artwork icon

Xtra Value Artwork Package

1 hour of Artwork + free 1st colour proof for £65. Double sided £97.50

brochure artwork icon

Brochure Artwork Package

4 hours of Artwork + free 1st colour proof for £260. Double sided £325

Stationery artwork icon

Stationery Artwork Package

1.5 hours of Artwork + free 1st colour proof for £97.50. Double sided £162.50

Value artwork icon

Booklet Artwork Package

8 hours of Artwork + free 1st colour proof for £520. Double sided £585

Look for the Artwork Package logo next to each item and refer to our separate "Artwork Package Guide" for details of our low prices (contact your local store to get your free copy). These are the minimum we'd expect to charge.

Disk Handholding - Your safety net

If you want to design your job yourself, download a copy of our Direct from Disk Guide (or we can post you a copy). Setting up a file for print is a complicated thing though. We want to make sure you don't screw up and end up having to bin your print. Our low-cost Handholding Service is your guarantee that your file will print right, first time. And once you've correctly supplied a few files the way, we may even let you become a "Disk Risker" - see the Direct from Disk Guide for the full story.


Your order will arrive in store, together with many other orders. This consolidation keeps our costs down and means you can pick up in-store free of charge. If you'd like your job delivering straight to you - no problem. See the delivery & collection options.


If we're creating artwork for you, it's essential that you thoroughly check your design before we print it. We include your first colour laser proof in many of our artwork packages (if you want more, there's a small charge). These are great for checking layout, but you shouldn't rely on the colours. If you think you need a more accurate colour proof, we'd recommend ordering a set of business cards. At just £49+VAT, these are the most cost-effective way of "previewing" your final job.


Most of our customers are VAT registered, so it makes sense to show our prices excluding VAT. You'll need to add it, except for leaflets, mini brochures, booklets and promotional cards, which are all zero-rated. If you're a registered charity and have a Charity Advertising Certificate, you may also qualify for zero-rating on certain items. See for full details.

Credit Card Surcharge

Pay by cheque, pay by Maestro, pay by Delta, or pay by cash and the price you see is the price you pay. Flop out a credit card, and we'll pass on the 2% surcharge to you. We think it's fair that we don't charge everyone higher prices, only those that cost us more to handle.