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Hospitality Solutions

Swing Tickets


  • Wobblers
    From £169 for 500 • in 7 days
  • Shaped Wobblers
    Wobblers + die-cut shaped
    From £209 for 500 • in 7 days

Menus and Inserts

Door Hangers

Recycled Notepads

great for giveaways - everyone uses &keeps hold of notepads

As a rug-rat, if you didn't get enough attention you just SCREAMED (maybe until you threw up your milk). No-one likes to get ignored, especially if it's your customers who are doing the ignoring. With Notepads you get to deliver them as presents to your customers, safe in the knowledge that every time they scribble something down, it's your business that SCREAMS at them.

Tent Cards

great for displaying menus, calendars & other clever stuff

It's time for you to stand up and be counted. Evict the Gonks and the sickly pictures of kittens from your customers' desks with a freestanding monument to your business. Tent Cards are excellent for calendars, essential phone numbers, crucial advice and all the amazing ideas that you can think of.

Scratch Cards

come on and get scratch happy

When you've got an itch, you drop everything to scratch it. Try ignoring it and your entire being focuses on that pesky tingling. Imagine what would happen if you gave your customers an itch that made them concentrate on nothing else but you? Full Colour Scratch Cards, Can't miss 'em, Can't ignore 'em, You just gotta scratch 'em! And now you can include as many scratch panels on the front as you want!